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Masteruppsatser Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship

Masteruppsatser 2019

Sisay Faye Tadesse
How Do Refugees Become Entrepreneurs in Sweden? - A Case Study of Gothenburg

Fredrika Germundsson och Mikaela Gernandt
How to close the circle: The role of social capital in a circular economy: A case study

Daniel Gustafsson och Johanna Herstedt
‘The future of innovative partnerships’ - How can large global corporations and startups form successful collaborations?

Alexandra Jampolskaia och Nea Salmelainen
From Monkey Mind to Entrepreneurial Action

Johanna Jansson
Customer creation in new markets - A multiple case study of using eWOM to create new customers

Khalil Khalil
Innovation in firefighting equipment diffusion - A qualitative study about new technology adoption in Swedish fire brigades

Matilda Persson
The role of public innovation support in the Swedish food industry

Trinh Vo
Idea Promotion: The story of intrapreneurs promiting an idea within a well-known innovative organization

Christian Ricardo Vera Murillo
Don't Worry About a Thing: The Entrepreneurial Attitude

Masteruppsatser 2018

Karim al Saffar
The network-performance link in a developing economy:
A multiple case study of new entrepreneurial ventures in Lebanon

Michael Bader och Pontus Stomberg
The Effect of Organizational Cultural Differences on International Joint Ventures – A Case Study

Adam Chasourakis och Tomas Lundgren
Entrepreneurial behaviour after financing: Angel investment, crowdfunding and ICOs

Sebastian Misurák och Philip Steen
Mixed Venture Capital Syndicates
How Independent Venture Capital Firms Evaluate Corporate Venture Capital Arms as Syndication Partners

Niels-Malte Thorn
Data sharing in the fire industry – creating better and proactive safety
A qualitative case study

Andreas Trägårdh
Innovation Ecosystems in the Food Industry
Creating Innovative Food by Sharing Knowledge – A Qualitative Study of the Swedish and Danish Food Industry

Masteruppsatser 2017

Lars Eike Bausback
From Research to Manufacturing
Entrepreneurial Implications for a Scientist in a Research-Based Young Venture Moving Towards Serial Production – A Case Study

Ebba Wallin Bergbom och Maria Lundin
Collaboration as a mechanism for servitization in the automotive industry: The case of China and Sweden

Wilhelm Bern och Johan Hermansson
Software-as-a-Service: strategizing for customer loyalty

Julia Båvall och Roberto Pando
Keep it Soft, Cool & Certain
A multiple case study of Swedish and Dutch startups

Adam Grufvisare och Mattias Karlsson
A case study of a small architecture start-up:
Strategic considerations to aid innovation in the construction industry

Victor Göthensten och Axel Hellström
Finding product-market fit
How do software start-ups approach product-market fit?

Gabriel Isip och Oliver Young
Feedback approaches and knowledge intensity in new ventures

Björn Ingmansson
What led Tel Aviv to become a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Masteruppsatser 2016

Rodrigue Al Fahel
Towards an Innovative and Democratic Local Government
The case of “Göteborg 2021”

Volha Bachyla
Challenges and Prospects for the Visual Arts Businesses in Gothenburg, Sweden

Jin Bergsten och Johanna Fröjd
Rather Unique?
A case study of the development company Ullersbro AB

Jessica Bromander
How can a trash bag fee be implemented in Gothenburg?
Investigating the innovation of implementing a fee based trash bag system in Gothenburg.

Giacomo Buzzoni och Magnus Eklund
The case of Saab Automobile AB
From core capabilities into core rigidities - A trajectory towards demise

Caroline Doversten
Knowledge transfer in collaborative research
A case study of the development of firms’ capabilities for innovation in collaborative research

Jacob Ferlin och David M. Szabo
Open Innovation Activities in Swedish Cleantech

Alis Grancea
Incubation Processes
A multiple case study of Swedish business incubators

Mathias Jonsson
Enhancing Innovation in Projects
A qualitative study on how the Swedish Transport Administration can enhance innovation during the time of a contract

Lennart Kuhrt (ej publicerad online)
New Product Launch
A case study of Cereal Partners Worldwide in the ready-to-eat breakfast cereal market.

Hexuan Lin
Entrepreneurial Team Composition
Multiple cases study of composing an entrepreneurial team

Fatim Master och Dominika Lubowicka
Hybrid Social Enterprises Approach to Brand Management

Jan Tengwall
An Analysis of How Aditi Plattform AB, a Social Enterprise Start-up, Effectively can Present their Social Value to Investors

Masteruppsatser 2015

Gabrielle Cederholm
Success Factors in University-industry Collaborations. A comparison of a research and development project

Kornelis Kasper och Regina Röper
The Impact of Entrepreneurial Communities. A case study

Simon Arvidsson
To Stand Out in the Crowd. How public relation activities effect a crowdfunding campaign for a tech-startup

Linda Vestman och Karl Antonsson
Innovation Activity and Stock Price Effects in the Retail Industry. a case study of the relationships created through the product development process

Linnea Rehnberg
Product Development in Start-ups. a case study of the relationships created through the product development process

Linda Odenman
Innovative Co-Branding. A case study of Swedish companies’ attitudes toward innovative marketing concepts

Frida Isaksson
Brand Building in New Ventures. A subconscious process or an integrated activity?

Jakob Tilhon
Will be published shortly.

Fredrik Örneblad
Idea, Product, Launch and Beyond; Technology business incubators and graduate evaluations in Silicon Valley and literature

Masteruppsatser 2014

Andersson Emma:
Are We Entering a Lucrative Market?
A case study on resources and capabilities role for a start-up’s market entry and future success

Rosensten Berg Cecilia:
Towards Understanding Strategic innovation in Small & Entrepreneurial Clean Technology firms
Exploring capacity, arenas and outcomes

Bobirnea Andreea Liana:
Means for Serendipitous Discovery in the Innovation Process How organizations can harness serendipity through idea management system

Hermansson Ida:
How Do Entrepreneurs Utilize and Develop their Network?
A gender perspective in the textile region of Borås

Lickiss Stephanie:
Opportunity Identification from a Prior Knowledge Perspective
The influences of prior knowledge in practice

Sjöquist Niclas:
Seeing to the Needs of a Startup
Providing inventive Board with market knowledge and exposure

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