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Masteruppsatser Innovation and Industrial Management

Matseruppsatser 2019

Jenny Ytterström och Lisa Lenberg
What role will blockchain play within the maritime shipping industry in five years? - A study using scenario planning to identify indicators of future industry transformation

Victoria Rice och Johan Knape
Towards a Societal Transformation - a qualitative study of grassroots innovations within waste management in Zanzibar

Hilda Karlsson och Amanda Norstedt
Becoming Agile - The Application of Agile Project Methods in the Management Consulting Industry

Prodromos Iatridis
Supporting regional innovation through Clusters - A multiple-case study of five clusters in Innovation Leading + European Regions

Johanna Edén och Emma Åkerlind
The challenge of supporting employees to come as they are - A case study of being yourself at work within the management consulting industry

Giulia di Mascio
Data-drivenness: (big) data and data-driven enterprises - A multiple case study on B2B companies within the telecommunication sector

Ilaria Mania
Leveraging on digitalization for circular economy - A multiple case study on manufacturing and service companies

Fabian Perktold och Moritz von Racczeck
PSS Design in Practice - How a Choice Experiment Can Help Configuring a New Subscription Offer. The Case of Care by Volvo’s Used Car Subscription Offer

Rasmus Tyft
Capturing Supplier Innovation - Single Case Study of how Kongsberg Automotive can Facilitate Supplier Innovations

Pedro Gutiérrez Touriño och Sélim Oucham
An assessment of Park & Ride in Gothenburg - A case study on the effect of Park & Ride on congestion and how to increase its attractiveness

Sofia Johansson och Annika Hersle
From Traditional to Agile - An exploratory study of how large companies can achieve Organizational Agility

Lisa Sahlin och Maria Olsson
Save water, drink champagne: A case study of how a luxury company can use a digital customer interaction to enhance value

Louise Granström och Iris Minö
Customer involvement through social media in the product development process within the luxury goods industry

Simona Passaro
Organizational implications of AI adoption - A multiple-case study on System integrators

Johanna Edman och Johanna Lilliecreutz
An investigation of the targeted customers of a peer-to-peer car sharing company and how the company’s value proposition should be developed accordingly

Lisa Emanuelsson och Louise von Braun
Machine Learning- An Educational Revolution? A Scenario Analysis of the Future Role of Machine Learning in the Public Primary School in Gothenburg

Jesper Saarinen och Erik Jansson
The commercial effects of IMO’s regulation of the global sulphur cap in 2020 - A study on the procurement of deep-sea Ro-Ro at Volvo Cars

Philip Smedjevik
BRINNOVATION - A case study of an innovation contest’s influence on interorganisational innovation network creation

Simon Emanuelsson
The impact of internet of things on established business models: a multiple case study of Swedish insurance companies

David Mijatovic
A study of diffusion of Augmented Reality in the Swedish construction industry

Masteruppsatser 2018

Lina Asadi och Trang Hoang
Blockchain: How the implementation of blockchain is affected by, and affects, business models

Josefine Berggren
Product Innovation in Equestrian Sports - A qualitative multiple case study about how product innovation evolves in the Swedish equine industry

Tilde Bjärfors och Aron Hwang
How to Implement an Omni-Channel Supply Chain. A Case Study of Intersport Sverige AB

Lovisa Blom och Emilia Hertzberg
Creative Climate a Prerequisite for Supporting an Innovation Culture: A single case study at CEVT

Erik Blomström och Henrik Wallander
Get smart; How multinationals can use smart contracts to gain a competitive advantage

William Bratt och Viktor Dynefors
Innovative Revenue Models and their influence on the components of the Business Model: A multiple case study on global manufacturing firms

Carolina Bååt och Viktoria Östblom
Holding on to the positive aspects of being small: A multiple case study exploring product innovation processes in knowledge-intensive companies by incorporating the variable of company growth

Mikaela Bååt och Ingrid Andelid Hjort
Innovation and Performance of Companies with a Legacy of Risk Capital Funding: A Swedish Perspective

Lorenzo Ciuffi
A strategic stakeholder mapping for the modular data center industry in Scandinavia: A case study of Swedish Modules AB

Simona Di Luozzo
Sustainable Value Proposition for the Digitalization of the Fire Inspection: A Case Study of the Swedish Fire Protection Association

Anton Emanuelsson
Understanding the valuation of intangibles

Viktor Paulsson och Jessica Evebring
KPI Management within an IT Consultancy Firm: A Single Case Study about Business Control at PdB

Filippo Grillo
Engaging 5G networks with a smart factory ecosystem: A case study of Smarta Fabriker

Emil Gryth och David Rundberg
Am AI ready? Investigating the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on business within the automotive industry

Sebastian Hellström och Adam Palmborg
Get the Girl a Brewery, Now! A Thematic Analysis of Organisational Ambidexterity in Family Businesses

Alexis Olevall och Johanna Moberg
Artificial Intelligence within Financial Services-In Relation to Data Privacy Regulation

Elisabeth Håkansson och Viktoria Sandström
Translating Creative Ideas into Profitable Realities - A Multiple Case Study of how Swedish MNCs Foster the Antecedents of Intrapreneurship

Tim Ingevaldsson och Johan Lillestöl
A scenario analysis of augmented reality in retail

Rebecca Kjellberg och Erica Lagerkvist
Servitization in the Car Industry: A Case Study of the concept Care by Volvo

Alexandros Kouseras
The impact of Big Data on the business performance of Swedish-based companies

Patrick Kullberg och Jacky Lam
A new perspective on public sector innovation: Identifying significant drivers and barriers for IT innovation

Giulia Landi
The Formulation of a Servitization Strategy for Prefabricated Modula Data Center Provision by Swedish Modules in Scandinavia

Cecilia Lans
Smartphone value on wheels

Carl Lindberg och Elvira Zandhers
Hello, how can I help you? The future of customer service in Swedish service companies

Ida Lönnfält och Josefine Sandqvist
Blockchains, the New Fashion in Supply Chains? - The compatibility of blockchain configurations in supply chain management in the fast fashion industry

Vincent Manner Thermaenius och Levi Östling
Financial Inclusion in the Age of FinTech: A multiple case study of FinTech companies’ role for financial inclusion in India

Paolo Massaro
The Critical Factors in Encouraging Alarm and Security Companies to Join a Collective Action in the Big Data Field: a multiple-case study

Matilda Olsson och Sofia Torpfeldt
The Secrets to a Successful Digital Transformation: A Single Case Study at AB SKF

Sofie Persson
Big Data within innovation processes: A Quantitative Study of Fortune 200 Global Companies

Victor Renneby och Johannes Sommer
The Transition to Autonomous –Impact & Challenges in the Race toward Self-Driving Cars

Erik Rudenstam och Victor Tennby
What drives resistance to innovation amongst device makers in the medical radiographic industry?  - A qualitative case study investigating the use of microfocus X-ray tubes and the barriers to a widespread usage in the medical radiography

Philip Smith och Vincent Tollesson
2018 - an IPA Odyssey: A single case study of how an Intelligent Personal Assistant should be constructed to align with the value proposition of Lynk & Co

Christian Vigmo och Jacob Öster
The Pains of Servitization - Finding the customers’ pains of a servitization business model in the modular data center industry

Linda Waern
A first assessment of the financial distribution by the FOM and performance in Formula 1

Alexandra He Zou
How do literature and start-up companies think about the decision making process regarding product architecture and product variety in early design phase? - A case study

Masteruppsatser 2017

Erik Armkvist och Lucas Malina
Disseminative Capabilities in New Product Development Projects; A Single Case Study about Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer at CEVT

Johanna Björk och Nermin Hamdoun
Building Bridges Between Organizations & Society
-A qualitative study about organizations’ engagements in social activities in diversified areas

Julia Boman och Josephine Hantoft
Should I Stay or Should I go?
A single case study examining employee motivational factors impact on employee retention

Andrea Bureca
The role of the internet of things from a servitization perspective.
Opportunities and challenges for the implementation of Product- Service Systems. A multiple case study.

Tobias Carlefall och Tao Jankel Hemberg
No way that will fly! - Organizing the fuzzy front end of radical innovation

Jenny Christensen och Viktoria Iderheim
A mutual path towards a sustainable future
- A multiple case study of the importance of industry-university partnerships for sustainable development and responsible leadership in business education

Francesco Cordeschi
Managing external relations to impose an industry standard
Volvo and the self-driving cars: a case study

Nicklas Dackhammar och Julia Ek
Combining Agile methods and a Stage-Gate model within the product development process. A multiple case study

Sofia Dahlström och Simon Högnelid
The success of succession to reduce manager turnover costs
A qualitative study on costs related to manager turnover in a Swedish retail company and succession planning and management success factors to reduce these costs

Egil Edvardsen
The Future of Service Robotics
A qualitative study of ten service robot segments from a technology innovation adoption perspective.  Ej publicerad.

Julia Franke och Moa Gustafsson
Industrial Internet of Things
How technology providers capture a competitive edge by analyzing the Business Model Environment

Elin Harrysson och Freja Larsjörs
Sustainable Value Chain Development in the Apparel Industry
Case studies of how Swedish sportswear companies work with sustainability in their value chains

Isabell Hultén och Emelie Karlsson
Is Your Organization Ready for Digitalization? Ej publicerad.

Rasmus Ilestedt
Business Model Innovation
Challenging an incumbent value proposition concept in the automotive industry. Ej publicerad.

Mattias Ivarsson
The Road to Success
A Multiple case study of the European Football industry

Agnes Johansson och William Häreblad Ulrich
Innovate and Tell?
Managing secrets in a complex world

Erik Kaiser och Dennis Salomonsson
Elevating the Work with Inbound Open Innovation
A multiple case study on multinational companies

Konstantinos Karydas
Single versus Multiple Sourcing: Investigating the most profitable scenario for OEMs

Matilda Källman och Jessica Malmström
Forseeing Corporate Foresight - A study of corporate foresight and future orientation in annual reports

Filip Landälv
How a reorganization can impact organizational creativity
A qualitative single case study investigating how a reorganization impacted the ability for the employees to be creative in one Swedish apparel company

Adriano Lauri
The ‘companization’ organizational model
Managerial challenges and responses in a peculiar hybrid organization. A case study on Plantagon International.

Victor Lavin och Alexis Rehnberg
Creating Innovators
A case study on University-Industry Collaboration

Sara Liljenström och Tilda Wikner
Service development in a large manufacturing firm
A qualitative study of how the NBCS team at Volvo Cars can work with service development from a perspective of user-oriented approaches

Rasmus Lindgren och Philip Masek
Innovation Workers and Firm Performance - The Impact of
Individual-Level Knowledge Diversity and Experience

Johanna Löfgren och Jennifer Skoogh
Managing Service Innovation in an Increasingly Digitalized World - “It's more than just picking the low hanging fruits”

Carl Lönnroth
The Plight of Icarus
The Impacts of the Regulatory Framework on Various Business Model Designs in the Swedish Solar Energy Industry

Jakob Moberg
Start-ups and Business Model Design
A Multiple Case Study Investigating Business Model Design in Swedish IT Start-ups

Jonatan Nilsson och Johan Schelin
Creating Positive Customer Experiences in Online Software Retail.
Ej publicerad.

Anna Nyberg och Malin Åberg
Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurship
The Influential Factors in Crowdfunding Success for Social Entrepreneurs

Odia Okhiria
Cost Management in the New Product Introduction Process of TruPrint 1000
A case-study of TRUMPF Maskin AB and its costs of Introducing New Additive Manufacturing Systems to the Swedish Market

Maria Francesco Orefice
Long-term social value creation through CSR
A case study of Ferrarelle S.p.A.

Carlos Figueroa Salomon
Digitalization explained in a fast-technological environment:
Main challenges and solutions from a consulting point of view

Jón Skarphédinsson och Vivian Mohan
Expanding the customer base for DCS in the Oil, Gas & Chemicals market in Sweden
A Case Study of ABB

Rex Ståhl
The interconnection between executive shareholding and firm performance

Marcus Wahlberg
Gearing up for innovation
How can a large organization facilitate knowledge transfer within the organization in order to learn from innovation?

Masteruppsatser 2016

Mikaela Mijatovic och Dijana Jakic
Global Ideas Using it platforms for idea sharing in MNCs

Johanna Andersson och Isabelle Marttila
Brain Drain in the Energy Sector in Rwanda
A case study of how the energy sector in Rwanda is not affected by a brain, but rather of a skills gap

Rebecka Arén och Josefine Finsbäck
Creating Superior Value through Innovative Partnership Solutions
A case study of how a public-private partnership can contribute to increased stakeholder value for the Åby Recreational Area

Richard Bengtsson och Gusten Danielsson (ej publicerad online)
Adoption of Online Grocery Retailing
The aspects affecting the adoption of online grocery retailing in Sweden

Madeleine Bäckström och Charlotte Lindberg
Shifting Towards Circular Economy
A case study of the Office Furniture Industry

Oscar Bördin och Philip Engsfelt
The Digital Revolution: Structural transformation and changing demand of the banking industry

Robert Carlsson och Adam Gräsberg
Improving Supply Chain Efficiency in-store with a Lean Approach
A case study of Intersport Sweden AB

Cornelia Crafoord och My Eriksson
IT strategy as a service - A service developed to meet a new customer demand and digital market changes
A case study on consultancy service development

Lisa Hallinger och Josefine Fager
Decision-Making in Portfolio Management
A qualitative case study on how Polarbröd can utilize their product portfolio and improve prioritization between projects with regard to risk and value

David Göthensten och Carl Persson
Enhancing Digital Capabilities within the Manufacturing Sector
How can Volvo Group’s Supplier Portal be changed to be made more usable and better fit the needs of its users?

Albin Gustavsson och Jonathan Johansson
Practicing the Resource Based View: Learning to Play the Song of “Theory in Practice”
A reflective case study on the challenges of formulating an expansion strategy through the lens of the resource based view

Anna Jarskär och Anna Stiblert
Improving Business Excellence in the Business Process
A single case study focusing on processes and people

Anna Lotta Lindström och Anna Jörnéus
Co-Creating Value through Content Marketing
A multiple case study

Mathilda Lund och Frida Nilsson
How two global companies co-create innovations

Max Norinder och Christopher Sundling (ej publicerad online)
Performance Measurement and New Product Development
A single case study

Malin Palmqvist och Cecilia Zander
Value Creation through Orphan Innovations
A case study of AstraZeneca

Maria Poleva och Kajsa Sjögren
How is a Modern Technological Tool Accepted by Individuals throughout a Hybrid Organisation in a Slow Moving Industry Exposed to the Digital Revolution?
A study of the Nordic real estate industry

Oscar Villalba och Sören Wader
Improving Idea Management System Implementation Practice
Identifying Key Success Factors at China Euro Vehicle Technology AB

Per Åhlander
Food Waste from Swedish Grocery Stores
What can the grocery stores do to reduce it?

Piero Pascucci
The Diffusion of Innovation in the Era of Social Networks
A case study of VIMML’s adoption process

Francesco Speciale
Sustainable Business Model for Renewable Energy Technology
A case study of TXG Turbine AB

Edoardo Rossi
Commercialization Strategies in an Innovative Technology Start-up
A case study of Repiper International AB

Cesare D’Ambrosi
Sustainable Business Model for Renewable Energy Technology in Rwanda
A case study of Autonome Infrastructure AB

Klaus Schrenker
How can IT Contribute to Servitization in Manufacturing Firms? An investigation of the strategic role of the IT organization

Erik Gatenholm
Bringing 3D Bioprinting to the Market; Agile marketing, rapid product development and strategic alliances

Masteruppsatser 2015

Sofia Altlås och Emmy Wislander
Triggering Radical Process Innovation. Process innovation at operational manufacturing division

Anders Ekberg och Patrik Sjöberg
Technology Roadmapping for Manufacturing

Sofie Björhn och Sofie Johnsson
The Growth of the Swedish Corporate Bond Market

Aixien Hua och Malin Lindström
Creation of Customer Value Proposition. A case study of Swedbank

Ashkan Ganji
Exploring Best Practices for Ideation. A comparative study

Andreas Malm och Richard Lehtonen
The Emergence of the Smart Home Concept

Amanda Friberg och Jessica Ekdahl
What Role can Municipalities take to Accelerate Development in Regional Waste Management Systems towards a Zero Waste Society

Joakim Eskilsson och Pontus Bertilsson
Business Models for Renewable Energy Technology. A case study of Perpend AB

Madeleine Englund och Sofie Berg
Female Entrepreneurship in China. A comparative study of challenges between female and male entrepreneurs in China

Emma Weiner
How Building a Climate for Creativity can Promote Innovative Activities

André Lindberg och Karl Hemvik
How to Recognize Opportunities for Digital Transformation: a framework for Large & Established Firms

Carolinne Kaufmann och Ulrika Dillner
Leading and Organizing for Radical Innovation. A qualitative benchmarking study of how SKF could stimulate radical innovation

Anders Knutsson och Daniel Olsson
Causes to Financial Distress in the Swedish Construction Industry. A quantitative study identifying the main causes to financial distress in the Swedish construction industry

Amanda Brynolf och Caroline Ericson
Analysis of the impact on incumbent Business Models when investing in Wearable Technology: A study of large established firms
Will be published shortly.

David Andersson och Jonathan Molin
Open Innovation Portals, Maximizing Submission through Quality and Volume Contributions

Deni Redzepovic och Theodoros Peristeris
Big Data-driven Innovation: The role of big data in new product development

Dominic Grözinger
Sourcing Strategies and their Implementation in the Aerospace Industry. A Case Study of an Airbus Group Subsidiary
Will be published shortly.

Jón Sigurdsson och Julius Lundh
Closing The(?)Space: A case study of University-Business Cooperation

Letizia Marcantoni and Usman Hamid
The Impact of Agility on Innovation Productivity. An empirical study

Yuan Tian
From Publishing to Patenting: Survey construction of Swedish academics’ motivations

Masteruppsatser 2014

Kauser Kader och Johanna Kalnins
How to Manage the Coexistence of Corporate Entrepreneurship and the Core Business: The story of large companies pursuit of tomorrow’s business

Sammy-Sebastian Tawakkoli
Business Model Innovation in the context of Sustainable Development
A case study of how a business model is modified when a corporation commits to bringing a sustainability innovation to market.

Peter Rohn och Simon Adolfsson:
Can venture capitalists in biotechnology time the market?

Mathias Andersson och Robin Wiberg
The Process of Legitimizing Business Model Innovation
A multiple case study of Swedish and Chinese MNEs

Lina Bakker och Linn Johansson
Managing Foresight for Innovation in Large Firms

Ilias Demiris
Customer Integration in Product Design via Mass Customization Toolkits:
 A Field Experiment

Elisabeth Ek
Ambiguity in the Strategy Process ‐ An Interpretive Approach

Fredrik Eriksson och Mikael Mörk
What drives the crowd?
A study of user motivations on web-based innovation platforms

Erik Gustafsson
Reorganisation in the Name of What?
A case study of the organisational changes 2010-2014 at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg

Erik Heimer Berglund
The Usage of, and Attitude towards, Business Planning and Business Plans: A multiple Case Study

Adam Kruse
Innovation at a Science Park
A Case study of Lindholmen Science Park

Tom Lundqvist
A case study: What impacts the Fuzzy Front End?

Malin Sundqvist
The Future of Venture Capital industry in Sweden - “An optimist per definition”

Tillman Rödle
Innovations Unchained: Open Innovation within a closed System.

Adam Vesterberg
Creating new customer value using a co- innovation perspective - A case study of ABB

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