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CMT2017 offers all congress delegates to participate in three workshops. The first two workshops will take place on June 14 (morning and afternoon) and the last workshop will take place on June 15 (afternoon). All workshops are free to attend, although some will require prior registration in order to participate. All workshops are described below with details on day, time, requirements for registration and workshop responsible.

Workshop 1: Meet with regional tourism actors!

This workshop, arranged by the regional tourism organization, West Sweden Tourist Board, will display a selection of innovative tourism businesses and public projects from the Västra Götaland Region. All conference delegates are welcome to join the event and listen to tourism representatives who will give short talks about their experiences and offers as tourism entrepreneurs and developers in the region. This approach allows for direct contact between delegates and local tourism stakeholders with opportunities to ask questions, share best practice knowledge and establish contacts for further dialogue.

Day and time: June 14 at 10.30 -12.00

No prior registration required.

Tourism Council in West Sweden

Workshop 2: Ocean Business and Ocean Investment opportunities in West Sweden and South Africa

This workshop is open for all delegates and aims to create an arena for exploring ocean business and ocean investment opportunities in South Africa and West Sweden. The workshop is hosted by the Maritime Cluster of West Sweden and the Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The workshop starts off with presentations about the role of clusters for business innovation and sustainable growth. This will be followed by presentation identifying ocean business and ocean investment opportunities in both countries. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to share knowledge and create partnerships between businesses and researchers across continents.

Day and time: June 14 at 13.00 - 14.30

No prior registration required.

Peter Myles, Nelson Mandela Bay Maritime Cluster in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. E-mail: tournet@iafrica.com.
Susanne Lindegarth, Maritime Cluster of West Sweden. E-mail: susanne.lindegarth@marine.gu.se.

Workshop 3: Marine Tourism SciCommercial Pocket Filmmaking Workshop

This is a practical workshop for marine tourism researchers wanting to conduct science communication related outreach of their research, with a focus on how to create engaging multimedia content for public communication, with a particular focus on video production and storytelling. The workshop will introduce marketing and science communication theory and practice with application to marine tourism research.

Day and time: June 15 at 13.00 - 15.30

Prior registration required: please write Wiebke Finkler (wiebke.finkler@otago.ac.nz) latest on June 01 if you want to participate in this workshop.

Wiebke Finkler, University of Otago, www.naturesvoices.com and www.goodwhalewatching.com, wiebke.finkler@otago.ac.nz

Lloyd Davis, University of Otago, Centre for Science Communication and www.naturesvoices.com  Lloyd.davis@otago.ac.nz

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