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Lena Mossberg

Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lena is an ambassador for the maritime tourism cluster in West Sweden. The maritime sector is an area of strength in the region and therefore a prioritized area in public efforts to create innovation platforms and infrastructures. Lena is professor in marketing, in the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and also Professor II at University of Nordland in Norway. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and has interests in consumer behaviour and consumption, consumer experiences, service encounters, and destination image. She has published several articles and books related to event marketing, food tourism, restaurant management and concept development related to events, destinations, restaurants and hotels. 

Dianne Dredge

Professor, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University-Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dianne is Professor of Tourism Policy in the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, Denmark. She has a background in tourism, policy analysis, community development, and urban and environmental planning. Prior to joining academia, Dianne worked in consulting and public sector positions in Australia, Mexico and China. She has undertaken consultancies for the OECD on tourism policy complementarities and marine tourism governance. Her interest in marine tourism governance focuses on, among other things, inter-cultural communication across policy sectors, and the challenges of multi-scalar, multi-sectoral policy making in highly political marine tourism contexts.

Alan A. Lew

Professor, Department of Geography, Planning, and Recreation, Northern Arizona University, USA.

Alan’s research interests focus on tourism in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in East Asia and Southeast Asia, with topics covering community tourism planning, tourist movements, sustainable tourism, heritage tourism, tourism geography, and community resilience. He has been a Fulbright Scholar at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Sabah, Malaysia, a Visiting Professor at the National University of Singapore and Yamaguchi University in Japan, and a Research Fellow at National Donghua University in Taiwan. Lew is also the founding editor-in-chief of the journal, Tourism Geographies, a Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Lately, has has been a co-organizer for conferences on the theme of tropical coastal and island tourism held in Martinique, FWI (2011), Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu, 2013), Sri Lanka (Dambula, 2014) and Indonesia (Lombok, 2015).

Anders Tysklind

National park manager, Kosterhavet National Park, Sweden.

Anders Tysklind works for the country administrative board in Västra Götaland as a manager and director of Kosterhavet National Park. His main responsibilities include planning and managing nature conservation and outdoor recreation above and below the surface in Sweden’s first, and so far, only marine national park. Anders has been very active in the process that led to the establishment of the national park, which was officially opened in 2009.

Before Anders stepped in as a manager and director of the national park, he worked with environmental planning issues at Strömstad municipality. In this work, Anders has more than 20 years of experience. Today, the management of the national park mostly concerns managing the unique conditions in the park, including supervision, monitoring, dissemination of knowledge and cooperation with local, regional and national stakeholders - everything to meet conservation objectives in harmony with nature and man. Outdoor recreation and tourism are given parts of the national park, but how to ensure that both are accommodated in a sustainable way, as well as respects the needs of different user groups, is one of many question that Anders work with.

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